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Many discussions have been held and will continue in many health clubs and gymnasiums deciding whether to begin a workout with cardio or strength training. Understand your objectives and setting realistic goals for your fitness or weight loss program should help you decide whats best for YOU.

Strength or cardio training

If serious about weight-loss, many personal trainers have advised to start with cardio exercise such as running on a treadmill or using a cross trainer or even a rowing machine. Starting your routine with cardio exercise can provide a higher caloric expenditure due to the after burn effect also known as (EPOC)  post-exercise oxygen consumption, this effect can greatly help you burn up those calories if your trying loose weight, you can really feel the burn if you push your legs hard.

Alternatively if you’re trying to achieve muscle gain, it can help to start with weight training so you have the strength to perform your workout. Some die hard weight trainers really think its beneficial to even warm up with light weights even if your going to perform a cardio workout.

Your weight training will burn glycogen, or blood sugar, when you have finished your routine and begin your cardio session, your body could already be in the fat burning zone depending on the routine and the repetitions’ in your weight lifting program. I personally feel the two work outs need to be separate and the body and mind doesn’t really perform well on a mixture of the two exercises’.

The key to any successful exercise program is:

    Set yourself realistic targets
    Decide if you want to loose weight, get fir or both.
    Use the correct exercise and fitness equipment, use a quality fitness brand like Precor, Technogym. Life Fitness, Nautilus, Concept 2 , First Degree Fitness.

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Strength or cardio training